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DNA Detox

An Aqueous Zeolite Solution with the unique ability to cross cellular and mitochondrial membranes (as well as the blood-brain barrier) to support ongoing healthy detoxification practices.

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Zeolites are natural mineral compounds, formed by a chemical reaction when volcanic magma meets ocean water. The crystalline zeolite compound has a strong negative charge and a porous, honeycomb-like structure that has been shown to bind to many undesirable compounds. The zeolites can then carry these compounds out of your body, clearing out your system to promote a healthful aging process.

How to Take DNA Detox

The average adult dose is 10 drops, 2x per day. Increase your water intake, because it is a water soluble product, and toxins will be leaving the body through the urine. At this dose, a bottle will last approximately 30 days.

If you tend to be sensitive when it comes to supplements, detox products, or just energy in general, start more slowly with it,  with 5 drops, 1x per day and see how you feel. "Sensitive" people who need to take it slowly like this are probably only 1-2% of the population.

It is best to take it under the tongue and hold it there for about 60 seconds, (or swish it in your mouth), before swallowing. You can take it on an empty stomach, but it doesn't need to be on an empty stomach.

There's no rush with it. Consistency is the most important thing. The thing we love about this product is that it is very effective, very easy and very gentle.

Store it out of the sun, ideally in a cool, dry place.

The Science Behind DNA Detox

JingSlingers’ DNA Detox utilizes patented breakthrough technology - literally 30 years in the making - to create water-soluble zeolite fragments.

The vast majority of zeolite products are suspensions in water, meaning the zeolite particles eventually settle to bottom of the liquid over time, much like water and dirt. Many of these products are too large to pass through your intestinal barrier, let alone your cellular membranes and mitochondrial membranes.

DNA Detox however, is a uniform homogeneous solution of zeolites and water, which exist together without separating, much like the salt and water that make up ocean water.

DNA Detox measures our zeolite size in daltons, a miniscule unit of weight, roughly equal to the weight of one hydrogen atom! In order to enter your mitochrondrial membrane, a particle has to be less than 10,000 daltons.

All of the zeolite fragments in our DNA Detox are less than 5,000 daltons in size (many are a mere few hundred daltons) AND they are water soluble.

This means our zeolites have unprecedented access to your cellular matrix to seek out and remove unwanted guests.

Including zeolites as part of your daily health routine may be a vitally important part of healthy aging.  

Benefits of DNA Detox Drops

* The most advanced, safe, natural, and water-soluble Zeolite product (Clinoptilolite) available on the market today.

* Naturally and systemically supports your cells and tissues in undergoing daily, healthy detoxification practices.

* Reaches all the way into the mitochrondria to trap and escort out unsavory guests, including the heavy metals mercury, cadmium, arsenic, lead, cesium, strontium, aluminum, uranium, and more.

* Effectively binds to bio-toxins like black mold spores and Lyme spirochetes.

* Attracted to environmental toxins like fluoridated, chlorinated, and brominated compounds, in addition to pesticides and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

* Supportive to healthy electrical activity and memory functions within the brain.

* Supportive to a healthy systemic inflammatory response throughout the entire body.

* Supportive to healthy weight loss, body fat ratio, basal metabolic rate, and lean mass within the normal range (especially when combined with healthy eating practices and exercise).  

* Supportive to healthy cellular hydration, cellular membrane efficiently, and healthy cellular repair practices.

* Supportive to increased vitality and energy levels, as well as restful sleep cycles.

A Rich History of Zeolite Use

The use of zeolite dates back nearly 2,000 years, to the Roman Empire, in the construction of buildings and the aqueduct system. They have a rich history in agricultural use, such as in the vineyards of southern Italy, where selected growing areas were chosen for their richness in zeolite compounds[i]. They have also been an important partner in removing heavy metals in septic systems[ii],[iii].

Over the last several decades, zeolites have played an important role in environmental cleanup applications for both heavy metals and radioactive elements.

Zeolite filters were crucial for the cleanup of the Three-Mile Island nuclear meltdown, cleaning out the cesium-137 and other radioisotopes, leaving almost pristine water[iv].

Most recently, zeolites have been used in Japan at the Fukushima nuclear plant as a major part of that cleanup[v]. Zeolites are also actively being used by local farmers in Japan to protect crops from radioactive fallout[vi],[vii].

Natural zeolites have been used in mercury-polluted soils in areas such as Thrace, Greece. Plants grown in the zeolite-enriched soils showed significantly less mercury uptake (58% less in the roots and 86% less in the shoots) compared to soils that were not enriched with zeolites[viii].

In veterinary medicine, zeolites have been shown to have antioxidant action[ix], to improve a pet's fitness, and to remove radioactive elements, and poisons[x]. They have been shown to reduce aflatoxins in the milk of cows[xi] and to reduce the levels of lead in mice[xii].

Zeolites are used industrially in pet litter, as well as in horse stalls and barns as they have been shown to absorb ammonia ions, as well as hydrogen sulfide[xiii],[xiv].

In a human trial, zeolites were shown to significantly decrease zonulin levels in endurance trained men and women. Zonulin is a protein that modulates the permeability of tight junctions between cells of the wall of the digestive tract[xv]. High zonulin is associated with leaky gut syndrome.

Modified zeolite has been shown to adsorb bisphenol-A (BPA)[xvi] and has even been shown to adsorb hexavalent chromium[xvii], the toxin made famous by Erin Brockovich.

Because zeolites so effectively adsorb environmental toxins, the zeolite fragments in DNA Detox have gone through a rigorous cleaning process. We believe in full transparency, so we have posted the heavy metal results from our zeolites at the top of this page. They are extremely low!


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