Sharing with you how to reconnect with nature is the ultimate game changer.

Our bodies absorb and archive all aspects of our environment and especially the things we choose to eat, drink and use during our everyday existence.

So what we eat in private, we wear in public.

We are absolutely, scientifically, products of our choices much more than of our genetics. We can show you how to unzip your genes and feel good. This is where science gets sexy. 

Paleo. Vegan. Omnivore. 

Everyone is Welcome at our Table. 

The very basic definition of "Jing" is that it is one's Essence. It's been written about for thousands of years throughout Taoist texts and used in Chinese Medicine. It's the foundational energetic force that comes together at the moment of conception, when sperm meets egg and a new life is formed. It is the palpable vibe you feel from someone who radiates health and strength.

For a modern metaphor, think of the comic book character Wolverine and his superpower called "Healing Factor." Essentially, Healing Factor is unlimited Jing! Wolverine has unlimited and immediate regeneration, an unlimited reservoir of healing energy. He doesn't age, so he is either immortal, or he has extreme longevity.

This is Jing. Jing is the energetic intelligence that instigates developmental changes in the body.  It is the energy behind growth and regeneration. It is the energy of longevity. It is the creative and sexual drive. It is that inner strength in someone who has “good genes” and that deep vitality in someone who has a “strong constitution.” Physically, Jing is related to the kidneys & adrenals. It’s related to hormones, to the brain, to neurotransmitters, the spinal fluid and the reproductive fluid. It’s the most refined Energy (Qi) in the body. It is what makes you, you.

Strong Jing combined with great nutrition creates physical beauty because the natural developmental changes and structure of the body are able to form to their highest potential, creating a mathematical symmetry and “beauty,” that is everywhere in Nature, from a flower petal to a nautilus shell to the food that we eat.

When we talk about "Slinging the Jing" it's a playful way of saying that we are working hard, having fun and doing our dharma. It's about putting our life essence into our actions and doing what we know we are meant to be doing in this world, with passion and enthusiasm.

 We are happy and grateful for this opportunity to educate and illuminate the alchemical artist within you through our Clever Comfort Food recipes and simple secrets that even the busiest person can use, to help reclaim youthful radiance and energy.

Time to Claim Your Chemistry, and get Jinged Up!

The JingSlingers: Joy Coelho and Jay Denman

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As JingMaster Alchemical Culinary Artisans and members of the International Association of Culinary Professionals, our mission is to Educ8te, Illumin8te, and Elev8te humankind with SuperFood and SuperHerb infused Creatively Clever Comfort Foods and cutting-edge eco-green lifestyle advantages.

As Tonic Herbalists and SuperFood Specialists, we have a combined 30+ years of conjuring up culinary magic. Together we customize optimum health protocols and menus for our star-studded clientele that grace the Red Carpet from the Oscars to the Grammys.

We are known for our tagline "Everyone is Welcome at Our Table" because we show you how to turn regular food into SuperHero Food, whether you are Vegan, Paleo, or Omnivore. Our Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free SuperFood Cookbook, "Food With Benefits" is an # 1 Best Seller.