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Speaker. Educator. SuperFood Artisan. Green Living Consultant.

It is my intention to start a Pandemic... a "Peter Pan-Demic!" Growing younger, stronger, happier and healthier with every tick of the clock and especially at every meal.

It is my passion to share with you the wisdom, science and ancient secrets that is the culmination of my 10+ years of study, travel, education, research, apprenticeship and learning directly from health experts in their respective fields.

My 20 years in Law Enforcement gave me a unique, unbiased and skeptical perspective as I experienced the results of my research and evidence-based education, whilst my 20 years of culinary experience brings all of this full circle with a delicious twist.

I am an experienced Green Consultant, an EcoStylist, a SuperFood Specialist, a Tonic Herbalist and a JingMaster Alchemical Culinary Artisan.

Joy's Story

I wake up every day with energy to paint the house and I maintain that same level of energy all day long. I sleep deep and restful, my brain is sharp (with ridiculous recall) and nothing in my body hurts. Yep... it is true... no joint pain, no headaches, I have great digestion and a rockin' libido. I don't take any medications, I have no need for them, not even aspirin.

This was NOT true when I was 39... but it is true now that I am 59. (Hence the Peter Pan experience I have enjoyed full on over the last ten years - I feel and look younger!)

After being handed a fist full of prescriptions for high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high cholesterol, plus a sleep drug to mask the symptoms of fatigue, sleepless nights and hot flashes, while being in the ache-all-over throws of instant surgically induced menopause, I chose to realigned with nature and discovered a better way.

I never did pick up those prescriptions and yet I found the answer to banish all of those challenges.  I biohacked the sources and by doing this the symptoms became history. We now know that we can influence how and when our genes express themselves with superfoods, superherbs, supplements and some of natures special gifts.

I have traded in debilitating conventional foods, the over-the-counter antacids, aspirin and sleep aids for the life changing Art and Alchemy of Everyday Bliss... JingSlinging!

Teaching you how to simply and cleverly wield SuperFoods and SuperHerbs into your favorite dishes and striking the balance of incredible taste, is my gift.

I am excited to infuse you with this powerful life force that you may have been missing. Organic or wild heirloom plants that are grown for flavor and nutrition, that have been around for generations, is what's for dinner.

Once I share with you how to identify and then vanquish the Silent Saboteurs in your home, your personal products, your food and the everyday practices that we do to save time, your wellness shifts and anti-aging begins. These powerful JingSlinger takeaways can bring Superhero Green Living into every aspect of your life. Be ready to open your mind to unlearn and relearn things you thought were a given.

The game-changing information my partner and I Sling is leveraging the extraordinary forces of nature in your favor.  Cape optional. Let’s Play!

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Jay Denman JingSlinger in Kitchen
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Writer. Speaker. Researcher. Yogi. Tonic Herbalist.

Ayurveda means "Knowledge of Life."

Although the self-help section of bookstores & online retailers has exploded in popularity over the last 20 years, the original self-help for the body, mind and spirit can be found in the Yogic Tradition. It is the original personal development movement and it goes back thousands of years, to the earliest records that we have as a human species. 

It is my personal passion to utilize the ancient knowledge of time-tested systems which have been developed over millennia and integrate it with our modern technology and science, distilling it all down into simple concepts to help people live happier lives.

I know from my own personal experience over the last 12+ years of researching health and working in the wellness industry, and over the last 20 years of studying and utilizing personal development strategies, that life can indeed get better with age. 

The “good old days” aren't when we were a teenager, they are today and tomorrow and the next day. Life improves as we learn, as we wise up, as we (s)age. Likewise, our health improves when we start living by the natural cycles of the day, of the year, and of our life. Our health transforms when we learn how to navigate through our (unfortunately) incredibly toxic world.

Though we live in an amazing age of ingenuity, where the science fiction of yesterday is realized today, illnesses are dramatically on the rise. Our technology has come at the cost of our disconnection from the earth and from many natural principles that we need to live a healthy, balanced life.

We owe it to ourselves to be aware of our health because we all have to bear the burden of living on a polluted planet, and of eating more and more highly processed food with each generation. This has led to a demineralized, degenerated state of our DNA. 

Jay's Story

For me, I had ear infections as an infant so I was on and off antibiotics at that critically early stage of my life. As a result, when I first started on my health journey, I realized that I'd had candida overgrowth my entire life. As I continued on, I realized that the braces and the painful palatal expander that I had endured as a teenager were mechanically correcting classic signs of processed food & nutritional deficiency induced bone formation degeneration. And in later years, I learned that just about all the conventional dental work I had received growing up, came with a very high bodily toxicity burden.

All these things are common in today's world, living on this planet. Working with clients over the years I have heard tens of thousands of similar stories being told as I created and served well over 50,000 custom Herbal and SuperFood Elixirs from across my Tonic Bar.  

I have extensively studied and practiced in the fields of Yoga, Self-Development and Human Potential. Over the last decade, I have passionately immersed myself in the fields of Cutting Edge Nutrition, Tonic Herbalism and Human Physiology.  I have designed and managed Tonic/Elixir Bars for premiere health conferences such as “The Longevity Now Conference,” and “The Bulletproof Conference."

All of these experiences and studies have helped me to understand that although we have the miracles of modern living, our days are stressful and dangerous in many new ways. It is now, more then ever, that we need to blend our modern ingenuity with our ancestral wisdom in order to live a truly innovative life