PB by Jay

The power of pumpkin seed oil…This is the JingLato that started it all! 

The first time Joy ever laid eyes on Jay, he was just pixels on a computer screen, demonstrating an early version of this recipe live on stage at The LongevityNow® Conference, six years ago. This is Jay’s signature “Peanut Butter” JingLato with no peanuts! Peanut butter was a staple food for Jay growing up, but he ditched it because of aflatoxin issues when he first began studying health and nutrition. Years later when he discovered that the zinc and chlorophyll rich Styrian pumpkin seed oil tastes and smells just like peanut butter, he immediately recreated the favorite ice cream of his youth, only totally Jinged Up! 

Instead of regular peanuts, a Jing It Up option, as pictured, is to top it with lightly toasted jungle peanuts, a clean heirloom variety of the legume. To bring out that classic peanuty flavor, place raw jungle peanuts in a pan on low heat for just a few minutes, shaking the pan, thus rolling the peanuts until lightly toasted and fragrant. 


Jing It Up (options)

1 TB Maca Powder
½ tsp Astragalus Powder
1 tsp Pearl Powder
¼ cup (38g) Roasted Jungle Peanuts

Gather Up

1 tray (400g) Coconut Ice Cubes
3 TB Lucuma Powder
3 TB Styrian Pumpkin Seed Oil
1 TB Almond Butter
1 TB Xylitol Powder
¾ tsp Toffee Stevia
¼ tsp Sea Salt
2 TB Coconut Milk

Sling It Up 

Take your frozen Coconut Ice Cubes out of the freezer and let them sit on the counter for ten minutes to slightly soften. Pour the Coconut Milk into your blender. Add the softened Coconut Ice Cubes, along with the rest of your ingredients for the JingLato into your blender. Pound with your tamper, until thick and smooth.

Drizzle JingSlinger Chocolate Sauce over the finished Ice Cream and gently fold, to uniformly distribute the Chocolate ribbons. Top with toasted Jungle Peanuts and Coconut Whipped Cream and additional JingSlinger Chocolate Sauce.