Whipped Cream 101

Lauric, capric and caprylic fatty acids never tasted so good! Heart healthy, brain boosting and fat burning, Whipped Cream is back on the menu! You can create this Coconut Whipped Cream in a stand mixer, with an electric hand mixer or an immersion blender. Creating flavored Whipped Creams becomes limitless with flavored liquid stevia, organic extracts, essential oils, powderized freeze-dried fruit and herbs… and don’t forget cacao powder, Chocolate Whipped Cream is a heavenly ketogenic treat! Want a Raspberry Cream? Simply whirl the freeze dried fruit in your clean spice or coffee grinder until it is a fine powder, stop the mixer and sift the powder into the cream in the last few minutes of whipping, then continue whipping until fully incorporated. Chef Note - All powders should be sifted to create a smooth flavored Whipped Cream.

Whipped Cream 101

Gather Up

2 cups (500ml) Coconut Cream (from 2 cans of Coconut Milk, chilled in refrigerator overnight)
½ tsp Vanilla Stevia
½ tsp Pearl Powder (optional)

Jing It Up (Choose One)

2-3 TB powderized/sifted freeze dried Fruit of choice  
2-3 TB Cacao Powder, sifted
1 TB Arnox Advantage

For Wildberry Cream - 1 tsp Miracle Reds, 2 TB Raspberry Powder, with 1 TB Blueberry Powder

Sling It Up   

Without shaking the cans of chilled coconut milk, carefully open them, and scoop out just the coconut cream, collected from the top of the can. Save the remaining coconut water for future recipes or to thin your coconut cream while whisking, if needed.

With the whisk attached, place coconut cream into the bowl of your stand mixer. Beat on high speed. Add the vanilla stevia, pearl powder and any additional flavors or powder you wish to infuse (a teaspoon at a time) after about 3 minutes, by stopping the mixer, scraping down the sides and adding additional sweetener to balance the powders you have chosen. It is ready once the coconut cream has expanded in volume, and makes “stiff peaks.”

If the coconut cream has not increased in volume after about 4 minutes of whisking, then add 1 teaspoon at a time of the remaining coconut water to get a lighter consistency that will whip up and expand. However, know that too much coconut water will make it too thin and no “Whip Cream” will form. 

Transfer to a piping bag, or store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to a week.