"All of life is a recipe. The main ingredient in all of our recipes is... LOVE! 

Radiant health is a powerful force of nature and that is the gift in our food and the resources we bring to you.

We are beyond grateful for the beautiful words and the love you share with us. It is our mission to Educ8te, Illumin8te and Elev8te you so that the recipes for everyday bliss and MegaWatt Health are yours. 

Eat. Drink. Glow."

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Steven Tyler - Aerosmith Lead Singer, Grammy Award Winning Artist & Rock Music Legend

"The JingSlingers...how can I express my relationship with them and their food? Maybe it's like this... ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡ ¡  

I used to love the candy NERDS...but I stopped eating them when I realized that for me it was basically cannibalism. I guess the point here is that their food is fun to eat!

When I'm done with one of their meals and I'm satiated beyond belief...and I top it off with one of Joy's Bliss Brownies or her Coconut Creme Brulee...I'm always floored to find out that what I just devoured was dairy-free, gluten-free, SUGAR-FREE and has more vitamins, minerals and nutrients than an 8-course meal served by Mother Nature herself. Totally satisfied without feeling full. 

Do yourself a glorious flavor and commit to enriching your mind, body, and soul with Joy and Jay's life-changing recipe gems! Remember...you are only as young as the last time you changed your mind!"


Stacy Keibler - Mom, Actor, Health Advocate & Entrepreneur 

“At first you overwhelmed me with knowledge, but then my body was awakened and I couldn't help but notice!

Your SuperHero Protocol completely transformed my mind, body and soul - you have taught me how to heal myself with foods and herbs, and I couldn't be more grateful.”

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Dave Asprey - Biohacker, New York Times Bestselling Author, Founder & CEO of "The Bulletproof® Executive".

Gabrielle Anwar - Actress, Director, Producer, "Burn Notice,” "The Three Musketeers," "Scent of a Women”.

Ryan Carnes - Actor, "General Hospital," "The Phantom," "Desperate Housewives,". 

Tess Master - Bestselling Author of "The Blender Girl," "The Blender Girl Smoothies," and "The Perfect Blend".

Jason Wrobel - Celebrity Chef, Author, Comedian, Food Network/Cooking Channel TV Show Host.

Catherine Oxenberg - Actress / Producer / Director, "Dynasty," "Charles and Diana," "Omega Code” 

Casper Van Dien – Actor/Director  "Mortal Kombat (TV Series)" "Sleepy Hollow,” "Tarzan,” "Starship Troopers,” "Sleeping Beauty (2014)".

Julie Morris - New York Times Bestselling Author "Superfood Smoothies,” Executive Chef for Navitas Naturals.

Crosby Tailor - Wilhelmina Model, Founder of "TaiLord Life".

Ele Keats - Actress "Insidious 3," "Snowflake,” "Newsies," "Alive,” Founder "Ele Keats Jewelery

Jaiya - Author, Sexologist, Founder of "Jaiya - NWSE".

Trudy Green - Entertainment Manager - Rolling Stones, AeroSmith, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Heart, Whitesnake

Matthew Rogers - Pastry Chef, Author "Sweet Gratitude,” Cafe Gratitude Dessert Menu Designer

Ani Phyo - Organic Chef & Author "Ani's Raw Food Kitchen" "Ani's Raw Food Desserts" "Ani's Raw Food Essentials"

Ryan Kaltman - Entrepreneur/Rainmaker

RIch Enion - Journalist, Author, Personal Trainer, Founder of "Enrichd". 

"As a personal trainer, I train very hard. Joy and Jay are a beautiful blessing in my life. Their recipes are so nutrient dense and taste amazing. Every beautiful elixir, tea and ice cream is SuperHero fuel! This food makes my Paleo body happy and strong."

Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith - Founder/ Agape Ministries, featured in "The Secret". 

"Joy Coelho and Jay Denman are Master Alchemists, we are happy to have them bless us with their organic magic at Rhythm & Joy and raise the vibration of our event. I still feel the wonderful lunch and tea they made for me." 

Alexis Atkins - Actress "Ted 2," Miss Illinois 2013, Wilhelmina Model. 

“Joy and Jay!! Still mnmmmmming in my head! Thank you SO much for tonight!!! It was such an amazing experience, I loved spending time with you and Jay! It was such a great night filled with bliss and love! You're both amazing, thanks for welcoming me into your beautiful magical home and for creating such wonderful food, literally the best I have ever had! Still in shock! Totally blissed out! Xxxxxooo”