Destination... Rejuvenation


Unwind & Rejuvenate (Do Nothing... Beautifully!)

 King Bed Master Suite with Living Room, Kitchen, Fireplace
     and Private Riverfront Terrace
 Personal SuperFood JingMaster Chefs - 3 customized meals per day
 Custom Wellness Protocol or Upgrade of Your Current Protocol
 Natural Mineral Hot Springs only 10 minutes away (1 session included)
 In-Suite Massage Therapist (1 session included)
 In-Suite Full Body BioMat Therapy (Unlimited)
 Holosync Binaural Beat Relaxation (Unlimited)
 Private Sun Bathing (Weather permitting)
 Quiet Indoor or Outdoor Yoga Space with Grounded Yoga Mats
 Neurophone Technology, TheraGun Deep Muscle Stimulator
 Blood Pressure, PH Balance, Ketosis & Blood Sugar Monitoring
 Mitigated EMF Fields and Low Blue Light Environment
 PEMF Magnetic Inflammation Reduction
 River Bank Meditation Space

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