Organic Baby Shower

August 3, 2013, Venice, CA  
Tamara Iglesias Organic Baby Shower

The Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Superfood Baby Duckie Cake in a Sweet Raw Coconut Bonnet makes it’s debut swimming in a wave of “The Cacao Jumped Over the Moon SlingShots.”

“Beyond amazing!”- Tamara, LA CEO & mother-to-be

The Seer Series

March 9, 2013 - Los Angeles, CA - The Gateway Portal
Seer Speaker Series - Detoxifying Body, Mind, Spirit & Space.

Joy Coelho and Jay Denman, The JingSlingers wowed the audience with a state-of-the-art Prezi format that was just as much fun as it was informative.

“The TED talk-esk presentation was visually stunning and generated lots of questions that Jay & Joy answered with both wit & wisdom.”- Event producer, Ben Rolnik.

Other SEER series speakers include Dr. George Lamoureux, author Dean “Rehmannia” Thomas and best selling author Dr. Pat Allen, Ph.D.

Jason Wrobel’s TV Show Premiere

January 2013 - Studio City, CA
Jason Wrobel’s TV Show - “How to live to 100”- Cooking Channel’s Premiere at Mare’ka

Everyone came out to congratulate Jason on the debut of his television show pilot episode -“How to Live to 100.” JingSlingers slung 250 Organic AhMazeMint SlingShots and an Organic Vegan TiramiSoothe Cake with Vanilla Vegan JingLato to feed the new FoodNetwork Star, friends and family.

“Nobody makes food like this… nobody! This is next level.” Jason Wrobel, TV Host and friend

See the compilation video here:

SOLA Fundraising Event

August 18, 2012 - Los Angeles, CA
JingSlingers “Educ8te & Elev8te” at 2013 SOLA Fundraising Event

The South Los Angeles Organic Food CO-Op Fundraising Celebration gets “Slung!!” - Nourishing South Central LA with “JingSlinger Cleverly Conscious Comfort Food!”

JingMasters Joy Coelho & Jay Denman delighted the crowd at the historic Café Club Fais Do-Do by blessing event goers with their freshly handcrafted Organic Superfood Fudge. The JingSlinging Duo then received enthusiastic ovations for their presentation and back-to-back JingLato 101 demonstrations.

“They made Sugar-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free Gelato right before our eyes without an ice cream maker. It was like magic and it tasted like heaven. I want to learn more!” - Joanne Rodriguez, event participant.

“We were blessed to have Jay & Joy teaching tonight. They fed our bodies with organic goodness and filled our hearts with happiness and love.” - Pagan George, Event Coordinator.