JingSlinger Chocolate Sauce

Heirloom Chocolate, the "Food of the Gods," is loaded with a staggering array of nutrients and feel-good complex compounds. This ain't your dime-store chocolate! This recipe is the glaze for our Epic Eclairs, it is the chocolate shell and ripples in our JingLatos, it is what our Doughnuts prefer to be dressed in...there are so many uses for this one recipe throughout this cookbook! 

Cacao beans are stacked with cell supporting minerals such as calcium, chromium, iron, magnesium, and zinc, as well as many different types of antioxidants. It is jam-paled with neurotransmitters such as PEA and anandamide, which is known as the "bliss chemical." Cacao also brings tryptophan to the table, a precursor to serotonin. Cacao contains several vasodilators, making it one of our favorite ingredients for combining with additional SuperFoods and Tonic Herbs for better delivery. 

Gather Up

1 cup (125g) Cacao Powder, sifted
1/4 cup (60ml) Coconut Oil, melted
1/4 cup (6oml) Cacao Butter, melted
1/2 cup (200g) Xylitol Powder, sifted
1/2 tsp Vanilla Stevia
1/2 tsp Chocolate Stevia

Jing It Up (options)

1 tsp He Shou Wu
1 tsp Pearl Powder
1 tsp Restore the Jing

Sling It Up

Over a medium saucepan containing about two inches of water, simply fit a heatproof metal bowl on top, so that the bottom of the bowl is not touching the water. Bring the water to a simmer, then turn it down to low heat. Add the coconut oil and cacao butter to the bowl and stir once they are liquid. Add the stevia and stir well. Add the sifted cacao powder and xylitol powder, stirring until well incorporated. Sprinkle in your Jing It Up options, while stirring. Taste the chocolate and if you would like it sweeter, add additional sifted xylitol powder, one tablespoon at a time until it reaches your desired sweetness. 

Chic Cheat - Quick & Easy Melted Chocolate Glaze

Melt 9oz (255g) of Lily's Sugar-Free Chocolate Chips (or a Lily's Chocolate Bar roughly chopped) along with a teaspoon of MCT oil or a teaspoon of ghee in a heatproof bowl over two inches of simmering water in a medium size pan (so that the water does not touch the bottom of the bowl). This is an instant chocolate shell, just looking for ice cream! Or mix with an equal amount of puffed quinoa and spoon into silicone molds and refrigerate for a crunchy chocolate treat and cupcake accessory.